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Muslim Family Day 2014

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Why-Islam Dawah Booth

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InshaAllah, ICNA Atlanta will be setting up dawah booth at following locations.

Decatur Book Festival – 2 day Da’wah booth on August 30th and August 31st 2014

Gwinnett County Fair - 10-day Da’Wah Booth at Gwinnett County Fair, being held on September 11, 2014 through September 21, 2014.

It is a great opportunity for us to share the message of Islam with thousands of fellow Americans who will attend this event.

We will have the copies of the English and Spanish translations of the meanings of Qu’ran, special issues of the Message Magazine*, basic books on Islam, and various WhyIslam and Gainpeace brochures to be distributed for free.

Please sign up as a Volunteer or Donate, and become the “helpers of Allah (swt)” (Surah Al-Saff).

Inshallah we will be having a Dawah workshop at Islamic Center Duluth on Saturday, August 23rd @ 2pm, we will be discussing Da’wah in 3 parts. #1 what is dawah? #2 Whom or what are we calling to? and #3 The methodology of the call and the attributes of the caller. So please bring everyone you know for this unique opportunity to learn what is this dawah, why it is so important, and how should we go about spreading this message. We look forward to seeing you all there!

May Allah guide us to the straight way!


Refugees Assistance for Children Education (RACE)

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Alhamdhulillah!! ICNA Relief Atlanta has been assisting Muslim Refugees of Clarkston area for a long time providing food items to their families. We have recently launched a new project – Refugees Assistance for Children Education (RACE) – collaborating with Masjid Moumineen to educate the 150 children of Burmese, Darfur and Chad refugee families. Our volunteers will provide Islamic education to these refugee children on every Saturday and Sunday. ICNA Relief is also providing the Islamic books, Qur’an, Qaida books and snacks to these kids.

If you are willing to assist in teaching or donating for this cause, please feel free to contact us through email or call 770-300-0067. Your donation of $100 can provides Islamic education to 5 refugee children per month. Please donate generously and sponsor the children by clicking the donate button on right side.

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Qurbani / Udhiya 2014 – Meat Drive

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmathullahi Wa Barakathahu,
Alhamdulillah, Every year, ICNA Relief arranges the Qurbani / Udhiyah in various cities across the United States and distributes the Qurbani meat to needy Muslim families
And for all religion We have appointed a rite [of sacrifice] that they may mention the name of Allah over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, [O Muhammad], give good tidings to the humble [before their Lord].(Surah Al-Hajj:34)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever offers a sacrifice after the prayer has completed his rituals (of Eid) and has followed the way of the Muslims.” (Bukhari)

Last year 2013, ICNA Relief Atlanta collected and distributed over 4000 pounds of donated Udhiyah/Qurbani meat to the poor, needy, and refugee Muslim families. Anticipating your support, we are requesting you to please donate your Udhiyah/Qurbani meat to ICNA Relief this year as well.

You can drop meat at below locations:

  1. Maryam Masjid (ICD) 3650 Savannah Place Dr, Duluth, GA 30096
  2. Al-Hedaya Masjid, 968 Powder Spring St, Marietta, GA 30064
  3. Deen Media Center, 865 Indian trail, Lilburn, GA
  4. Hamzah Masjid, 665 Tidwell Rd  Alpharetta, GA 30004
  5. Suwanee Musalla (GIC), 50 Old Peachtree Rd NE, Suwanee, GA 30024
  6. All Norcross/Lilburn Halal Grocery Stores

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Feed the Hungry

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ICNA Relief Atlanta has been actively involved in “Feed The Hungry” program along with Giving back to the Humanity.  Volunteer families from Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee and Marietta serve hot meals to the poor, elderly and homeless in the downtown area.  We are serving more than 1000 people every month.  If you want to be part of this effort, please reach us through phone number 770 300 0067 or or or willing to donate please click below donate button.





WhyIslam Billboard coverage in Fox 5 News Atlanta

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WhyIslam (Outreach program) is one of the most well known ICNA projects. Given the prevalent misinformation, misunderstanding and stereotypes coupled with our duty to spread truth about Islam and our community this is one of the most significant projects that ICNA has embarked and continues to maintain Alhamdulillah.

ICNA Atlanta has launched a outreach billboard campaign at a prime location near SR141 & Winters Chapel Road (before I285 Exit). Fox 5 Atlanta News aired a report about this billboard on September 25th 2013. Please click below for details and video coverage.

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ICNA Relief Atlanta 2nd Annual Banquet

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ICNA-MAS SouthEast Annual Convention

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Alhamdhulillah! ICNA-MAS SouthEast Convention will held on December 27 – 29, 2013 at Renaissance, Atlanta.



ICNA Convention


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